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New Year, New Lessons.

It’s Jan 1st 2020 and that usually means that we’re all going to write out a list of goals that we want to achieve. Most of us usually feel really good on this day, because it’s a day that to most people, represents new beginnings. Although that is somewhat true, it’s always on days like today that I wonder why so many people wait until Jan 1st to start making life changes, why isn’t it something we just do whenever we feel the need to?

If you’ve been following me since this time last year, than you’ll know that this time last year, I created a challenge for myself called the #52weekchallenge. 

Basically I set myself a new goal or thing to work towards/focus on for each week of the year and although I didn’t keep you all up to date with it via my blog each week (as I had originally planned to do) I am happy to say that I didn’t completely fail it. 

I actually completed about 40 of the 52 things I had set for myself and I must say, it REALLY was a challenge, but even though it was hard, I…
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Who Would I Be Without CP?

As I scroll through social media and all I can see are people's 'Decade in Review' posts. It leaves me thinking about what the last decade has been for me. 10 years ago (2010) was the year I graduated from high school and even though I have achieved so much since then; if I am really honest with myself, I feel just as confused about my life now as I was back in 2010.  You know that feeling of uncertainty that you have, that fear of the unknown and not knowing what's next? That was how I felt, and upon much reflection, I realise I have those same feelings now about moving into the year 2020. 
Why you ask? Well, I don't really know. Maybe it's because I am at another phase in life where I feel like I'm trying to re-discover myself, my life and my goals and purposes all over again. Maybe it's because for the past decade, I've worked towards goals that I thought were true to me, only to later realise that actually, maybe they weren't. Or maybe it'…

The Truth About Social Media - Do We Really Need It?

I just had the most bizarre experience/realization ever, but before I tell you about it, let me start from the beginning so that things will actually make sense. About two or so weeks ago, I decided it was time to delete the majority of my social media platforms; at least the ones that leave me scrolling through them for hours and leave me questioning everything and comparing myself to everyone else. For me this meant, getting rid of both Facebook and Instagram – in every way. Deleting them off my phone and everything so that I wouldn’t be tempted to log in. 
I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t been tempted throughout the last couple of weeks to re-download/re-activate them, but I managed not to do so, until today. Today I decided that I would just download and log in to Instagram just for 30 minutes, and yes, I literally timed myself and once the time was up, I deleted the app again and well, here I am, typing away. Why? Because that 30 minutes back on the gram was the most eye ope…

A message for anyone hurting.....

A message for anyone who may be hurting right now. Who may be heart broken and down. You may be scared and worried that you’ll never be loved again, because the truth is, maybe you never felt loved to begin with. Maybe you had a rough relationship or a childhood where you were made to feel worthless. Whatever it is you are going through right now and whatever the reasons you may be feeling like crap right now are. Whatever struggle you may be facing right now, I am writing this to tell you, it’s okay. Don’t give up! You are going to get through it and everything is going to be okay. I know you don’t see it right now because if you are in a dark place and happiness is probably the last thing you are feeling right now, but believe me when I say, we’ve all been there.
Life will always take us to dark places every once in a while. Sometimes it’s for a short time and we easily get through it and other times, it takes ages. Either way, as long as we keep trying, it doesn’t matter how long it…

The meaning of Life!

I'm learning that sometimes, we just grow out of certain people and you know what? That's totally okay. Some people are in our life for only a season and there's usually a reason for it. Maybe it's to teach us something or to help us through a tough situation. Maybe it's to help us grow and become better in some aspect of our lives, or maybe it is simply, just to see a new perspective and outlook on things. Whatever the reason, there is no guarantee that certain people will be in our lives forever.  No matter how close you are to someone or how much trust you've gained in them; all it takes is one second for that bond and trust to break or change. 
The thing about the world and the people in it, is that we are all very unpredictable. It doesn't matter how much we plan things; change itself is completely inevitable, whether we like it or not. So instead of worrying about the ifs, what's and buts and overthinking everything, how about you just start livi…

Racing Against Time!

I'm sitting here listening to some music, just chilling and suddenly, I realise something...

I'm smiling  
For some reason as soon as I smile I realise it. Suddenly it dawns on me that I can't remember the last time a smile genuinely spread across my face like that for absolutely no reason. Not because I'm never happy, I definitely am happy with a lot of things, but lately I've been SO busy checking off 'to do lists' that I haven't really had much time to just sit and do nothing; or simply do something that isn't 'required of me.'

I'll be honest and say, that although 2019 has been a pretty good year so far, it has also been EXTREMELY full on. No matter how early I wake or how late I sleep, it feels like there is just never enough time in the day to get everything done; let alone have time for myself to just relax and do whatever I WANT.

Have you ever felt like that? Like you're racing against time? Like it's you against the clock…

Day 7 Without Social Media - No need for Updates. (Sunday - 3/2/19)

It’s been two days and in those two days, I did not have the urge to write a post about life without social media AKA didn’t have the urge to update the online world or make a post for this blog, or write my thoughts out about this week at all. I didn’t even have the urge to check my social platforms. That can only be a good thing, because it means I’m learning that sometimes, we as humans spend too much time worrying about keeping people ‘in the loop’ with our lives or keeping in the loop with theirs.

Something exciting happens and instead of tuning to the people next to us in our actual life, we turn to the online world and let them to know all about it. We try to paint some kind of picture showing how perfect our life is; even though offline it might be anything but that.
As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, that’s exactly what social media encourages us to do; share our highlight reels, while we suffer behind the screen with the bloopers of our life.
This whole week has really t…

Day 4 of the No Social Media Challenge – I Can Breathe Again. (Thursday - 31/1/2019)

Now I know what you might be thinking - 30 mins is a long time, but when you’re on social media as much as I usually am, 30 mins is like the bare minimum that I spend on each platform. I know I know; I sound like a crazy addict who is trying to break their social media addiction, but I promise you, it’s not as bad as it sounds.
One of the major reasons I love social so much, is because it has allowed me to form connections and friendships with people all around the world; people that I otherwise would not have ever known or connection with.
For example, most of you may know by now that I am a HUGE fan of the YouTuber and entertainer Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII and a huge chunk of the time I spend online, is usually spent talking to and interacting with her fans all over the world who have also become my ‘Online frien…